We manufacture and supply boundary fencing

We have over 30 years of experience in the fencing industry. We pride ourselves with a strong set of core values and uphold the highest standard of ethical business practice. We aim to become the largest manufacturer and distributor of security fencing in SA. Shadai Hi-Tec Fencing is capable of designing and manufacturing fencing and gates to customer specifications.

Shadai Hi-Tec Fencing designs and manufactures boundary fencing to protect national key points such as border posts, harbours, airports and railways. Our fencing is used in:

• High security buildings such as:
– Prisons
– State departments
– Hospitals
– Embassies
– Military and Naval bases
– Refineries

• Domestic Market:
– Residential estates
– Small holdings
– Agricultural
– Residential properties
– Schools and playground

• Commercial property

• Recreational facilities:
– Sports fields
– Tennis courts
– Indoor soccer fields
– Parks and gardens
– Outdoor training gyms
– Game reserves

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