What We Do

  • Manufacture, design and installation of Shadai infiltration tanks.
  • Our tanks are a unique, patented design.
  • Our infiltration-concrete tanks have louvered plastic inserts
  • These holes are at 45◦ angles
  • They allow the water to exit but don’t allow sand to enter.


Benefits of Shadai Infiltration Tanks (Soakaway/French Drain) Conventional Soakaway/French Drains
• Complete void chamber – more holding capacity • Stone occupies most of the drain – leaving you with only 10% air pockets for water distribution.
• Acts as a storage tank during heavy rains or perhaps excessive guests. • Can only contain a limited amount of water, thereafter results in unsightly overflows.
• Can be drained if necessary • Cannot be drained
• Can be cleaned • Cannot be cleaned
• Tanks are panel manufactured for easy installation • Labour intensive
• Easy Add On system • Difficult to extend drain

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