About Us

We at Shadai always demonstrate great teamwork, communication and enthusiasm to the job. Shadai Septic Services offer professional customer service experience and are always confident in handling a variety of customer facing situations. We at Shadai always display great appreciation towards all our customers.

Our staff are well trained in safety to handle road tankers / vehicles conveying dangerous goods and are fully trained to take action in the event of an emergency. Our employees (drivers, supervisors, assistants as well as our admin staff) are well versed, fully trained, experienced and responsible in the septic / desludging field.

We have several plumbers, assistants and tankers ranging from 6000lts to 56 000lts available for all your desludging needs.We at Shadai have created and manufactured our very own SABS approved concrete structures eg. Infiltration and septic tanks . We also specialize in installation of these products.

Shadai has worked on several Major projects as per the following:

  • King shaka international Airport
  • ACSA
  • Agrizone
  • Cargo Terminal
  • Sky Tanking
  • Dube Tradeport
  • Ethekwini Municipality
  • Waste water treatment plant pump stations in KZN
  • IDT – Rural Schools
  • Education Department – Schools
  • SRF Flexipack
  • EXR Constructions – Umgeni Bridge Project

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