About Shadai SA
Shadai South Africa (Pty) is owned and run by husband-and-wife team, Morgan and Lolly Pillay. We are family-run business that places great value on team work and on providing high product and service standards. Our company has been in the sludge management industry for over 2 decades and has in-depth experience in working with numerous sectors such as residential, industrial and commercial. More recently, we have worked with several governmental departments including the Department of Transport, the Department of Public Works and Ethekwini Municipality Pump Stations, and our focus lies on gearing our operations towards the effective servicing of these departments as well as others similar to them. We pride ourselves on overseeing every aspect of our company and our hands-on approach ensures we are always in the know, facilitating smooth management of our various departments. Innovation is central to who we are. We believe in constantly challenging our limits to see just how far we can go. This ensures that we are always ahead of the curve and are constantly expanding our capacity.
Shadai South Africa (Pty) Ltd staff


Shadai South Africa (Pty) Ltd. is the proud owner of the following certifications:

ISO 9001

Certifications Ltd

BBBEE Level 1


what we value


We believe great communication and shared enthusiasm is central to efficient teamwork.


It is our imperative to provide quality training for all our employees, ensuring our high standards are upheld and that safety protocols are complied with.


We believe in hiring the right people for the job – those with the relevant competencies and certifications.


Maintaining consistent standards and a high level of quality in all our undertakings is extremely important to us.

local business

We believe in supporting local wherever possible, as this is integral to growing our local economy and expanding local job opportunities for all.


We enforce sustainable practices wherever possible. For instance, we collect storm water onsite and use this in our concrete mix to minimise any water wastage.