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Shadai South Africa (Pty) Ltd specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of concrete septic tanks as well as infiltration tanks. We have been operating as a concrete tank company for over 20 years, servicing the general eThekwini region, including the Upper Highway Area and the Outer West (Cato Ridge, Drummond & Hammarsdale).

We manufacture both concrete-panelled septic tanks as well as concrete-panelled infiltration tanks, which come in various sizes and allow for effortless modification with add-on panels. Our top-quality concrete tanks are in the process of obtaining SABS approval. 

size options


Our concrete-panelled septic tanks and infiltration tanks are available in two different sizes – both of which can be pieced together for increased holding capacity. 

1000 Litre

1000 litre concrete tanks

360 litre

360 litre concrete septic tanks

consistent quality

All of our products undergo stringent quality checks. This means that our customers can depend on us for reliable quality.

Municipal Covers

We are able to manufacture customised manhole covers that are suited to municipal use. Our customisations include adding municipal logos and names on our specially-designed cover rings as well as unique colours. The colour of these rings can be matched with each municipality to ensure easy identification and, therefore, deter theft. The plastic rings also prolong the lifespan of the manhole lids, as they act as a buffer and reduce concrete chipping upon removal and insertion of the covers. 

Custom manhole covers
municipal manhole covers

More Than Just Concrete Septic Tanks


Our concrete-panelled tanks are of the highest quality and adhere to strict manufacturing standards. Made with 6mm steel round bars for extra support strength and cast to a minimum of 40 Mpa concrete strength, these tanks are exceptionally durable and come with a 10-year guarantee. Our tanks are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, beyond septic systems. 

Multi-Purpose Concrete Tank Applications:
Multi-Purpose Concrete Tanks

Septic Tanks -Conservancy tank for domestic, commercial and industrial human waste.

Grease and Fat Tanks -Suitable for restaurants, public kitchens or schools.

Storm Water Attenuation Tank -Domestic, industrial and commercial buildings.

Sand, Oil & Grease Traps -Carwashes, garages, factory workshops etc.

Infiltration Tanks -Distribution of grey & storm water into ground. 

Agricultural Tanks -suitable for general agricultural applications.

Many Purposes, Many Benefits:

 Made to order – we can manufacture tanks according to engineer, architect or municipal specification.

Modular design – tank holding capacity can be modified by adding or removing panels.

Versatile – with small panel changes, the tanks can be modified to suit different applications. For example, positioning the centre panel and exit panel 160mm holes at the bottom of the tank allows for a stormwater attenuation tank, whereas positioning them at the top, allows for a mini septic tank or grease & fat tank.

Perforated-Panelled Infiltration Tanks

Our concrete Infiltration Tanks are tried and tested to ensure excellent consistency and quality. Made with custom made wire mesh reinforcing and a special blend of additives that enhance curing, our Infiltration Tanks display superior strength and are made to last.

*We offer a 10-year guarantee on all Infiltration Tanks.

Perforated-Panelled Infiltration Tanks
Mini Infiltration Tank

-360 Litre holding capacity.

-For domestic or commercial use.

-easy, add-on panels allow for one continuous soakaway as per Geotechnical Engineer specifications.

Large Infiltration Tank

-1000 Litre holding capacity.

-For domestic, commercial, industrial & agricultural use.

-For agricultural use, this tank can be installed upside-down with the louvered holes facing internally. This allows external ground water to flow into the tank.

Infiltration tank benefits
Infiltration tank benefits

Unique design – made with angled hole inserts, our infiltration tanks allow for continuous outward draining of grey water.

Easy installation each panel is designed in a way that allows for simple and straightforward installation.

Made with retrofitting in mind – should the need for increased holding capacity arise, additional tanks can be installed at a later stage due to their modular nature.

Exceptional Strength the integral strength of each panel has been tested against industrial concrete standards to maintain a minimum of 40 Mpa compressive strength. This means our tanks are strong enough to withstand the weight of a 2 tonne truck!

Consistency – using specially designed spacers (during manufacture) that ensure our wire mesh grids are kept exactly midway in the moulds, our panels provide consistent quality.

10 year guarantee

With leading-quality products that have been built to last, we are able to offer 10-year guarantees on our concrete-paneled tanks – including our Septic and Infiltration Tanks.

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