1000 litre concrete tanks

7 Reasons Our SABS Concrete Tanks Come Out on Top

Looking for 1000 litre concrete tanks or perhaps 360 litre tanks for your school, residential development, business, or industrial park? At Shadai SA, we have designed, developed, and manufactured our own tanks with the view of outcompeting other options on the market.

So, what makes our tanks extra special and why should you buy from us? We’ve listed 7 main strengths and markers of quality tanks.

1.SABS Approved

Our concrete tanks are the only SABS-approved tanks in South Africa, passing all the stringent quality control measures of the South African Bureau of Standards. This SABS stamp of approval assures you that you are buying a high-quality product.

2.Made to Withstand the Weight of a 2 Tonne Truck

Our tanks exhibit superior strength, with the integral strength of each panel having been tested against industrial concrete standards. They are made to maintain at least 40-Mpa compressive strength.

Additionally, the wire mesh reinforcing together with the additives put into our concrete mix means there is less water used in the initial mix, and curing is enhanced to give superior strength. 

3.Built to Last

Our tanks are an excellent investment because they barely degrade or wear away over time. When looking at your tank options, ask yourself, ‘Am I getting a 20-year structural guarantee?’ You most certainly will be getting this when you purchase a Shadai 1000 litre concrete tank (the guarantee also applies to our 360-litre tank).

4.We Do Not Accept Defects

All our concrete panels are quality checked for any defects after the moulds are stripped. Customers should be aware of the fact that not all concrete tank manufacturers are as methodical when it comes to their quality control.

5.Strong Centre Panels

When making the panels, we use specially designed spacers to ensure the wire mesh grids are kept exactly midway in the moulds, as this gives optimal results in terms of tank durability. All outer panels are 50mm in thickness, while centre panels are 60mm thick (these need to be extra thick as they bear more weight and need to enforce integral strength).

6.Designed & Developed by Waste Management Experts

Drawing from a wealth of knowledge from servicing the waste management industry for more than 2 decades, and from experienced plumbers and designers, our tanks are made to perform and address common waste problems. Made up of many panels, which can be added or removed after installation, our 1000 litre tanks are extremely easy to work with (we also offer a 360-litre option). 

7.Made for Many Purposes

Our tanks are not just made to be used for septic systems, but can perform as Grease & Fat Tanks, Stormwater Attenuation Tanks, Agricultural Tanks, and Sand, Oil & Grease Traps. Let us know what your intended application is, and we’ll manufacture it to spec and install it accordingly. For example, we often make infiltration tanks that are an excellent replacement for conventional French Drains (with benefits such as drainage, extra capacity, less ground space needed for installation, and easy ad-on systems), and these are customised with specially angled holes to assist with continuous outward drainage.

Would you like to find out more about our 1000 litre concrete tanks? Read our brochure or give us a call and we’ll gladly assist.

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