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Can concrete septic tanks and their lids be repaired?

Although they are nearly impervious to damage under normal circumstances, septic tanks can suffer damage due to natural disasters, manufacturing defects, or even being driven over by heavy machinery. Often, concrete cracks can form due to these factors, allowing sewage to leak out of the tank. In most cases, a concrete septic tank lasts several decades without needing maintenance from the homeowner.

The health hazards associated with leaking sewage make it vital to understand how to detect a cracked septic tank. If a crack is found, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

Signs of a Cracked Septic Tank

The smell of sewage outside a home, along with wet patches where they otherwise shouldn’t be, serves as a warning that sewage is leaking from the tank into the ground and that there may be a crack in the tank itself.

Confirming your Septic Tank is Cracked

A cracked septic tank can only be diagnosed by having it cleaned out and inspected by a Shadai experienced septic professional.

It will be necessary to repair any cracks discovered. In the case that a septic tank system has become extremely old and severely damaged, you may wish to consider replacing the existing system with a new one.

Cracked Septic Tank Lids

Septic tank lids are a common place for cracks to develop. This is because the soil on the top of the tank puts constant stress on the tank’s lid.

In most cases, lid cracks are easily repaired. It simply requires moving the lid, cleaning and drying it and then filling the crack with concrete filler and adhesive. After the lid has dried and cured, it will be as good as new.

Septic tank lids that are structurally compromised are hazardous for people walking on the surface above them. It is possible to fall through the lid and into the tank. The toxic nature of septic gases can result in severe injuries and even death.

Cracks in the Septic Tank Itself

It is also possible for the concrete tank itself to crack, in addition to the lid. A small hairline crack that does not leak sewage or absorb water can be left alone.

Your Shadai septic repair technician will clean and pump out the tank in order to repair large cracks. Once it has dried thoroughly, concrete crack filler will be applied to the necessary cracks. When the tank has been cured, it can once again be used safely.

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