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Shadai SA: From Fence Supplier to Fence Installation Company

Above photo courtesy of Shadai SA (Queensmead Fencing Installation)

2021 has been a year of challenges and of growth for our Shadai SA team. But of the changes that have occurred, most of them have been within our fencing department, and we are glad to report that most of these changes have been positive.

Jan 2021 saw the start of construction on our two warehouses, which were built with the purposes of fencing storage and manufacturing in mind, predominantly the storage of our new Hi-Tec ™ Hybrid Extreme range of fencing (which was developed as an advanced security solution for our clients). This, however, was not the only expansion that we’ve undergone. We’re excited to announce that Shadai SA is now a fence installation company!

In our efforts to continually find better solutions to our client’s security needs, we’ve brought the installation of our Hi-Tec™ Fencing inhouse and have trained up our staff to install our fencing in the most secure manner. Now that our fencing supply and installation is under one roof, we can ensure that our customers’ and clients’ fencing expectations are always exceeded.

Our Fencing Installation Projects

Recently, we have had the privilege of working on a handful of projects in and around KZN’s industry hotspots. Our first installation took place at Isipingo and was perhaps the most challenging yet rewarding project. The difficulty lied in the sloped property that required us to address the issue of stepping posts. Our solution came in the form of unique Y-Crank brackets, which we engineered to accommodate 6 electrical strands, making it extremely difficult for criminals to climb over its 600mm width. Since this, we’ve also covered an installation project in Queensmead (see pics of this below).

So far, we’re extremely proud of the hard work that our team has put into developing our fencing department, and we can’t wait to see what opportunities 2022 brings.

Right Image: Photo courtesy of Shadai SA (Isipingo Fencing Installation)

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