Clear view Hi-Tec fencing

Hi-Tec fencing: A clear view to your future

As clear view Hi-Tec fencing suppliers in Durban, we manufacture and supply our very own brand of Hi-Tec™ fencing, which is suitable for residential, industrial, and commercial use. Due to the flaws in existing fencing solutions, we decided to take manufacturing and supplying into our own hands. Working as a complement rather than a distraction to your property design, we have proudly created a fence that provides optimal security needed in our crime-prevalent province. 

The many benefits of using hi-tec fencing: 

  1. Security: Hi-tec fencing provides high levels of security and can deter intruders from accessing a property. Intruders are visible and fences maximise CCTV surveillance to monitor and prevent crime incidents. 
  1. Durability: Hi-tec fencing is made using high-quality materials that make it durable. 
  1. Aesthetically pleasing: Hi-tec fencing has a stylish and modern design that can add to the overall aesthetic of a property. 
  1. Low maintenance: Hi-tec fencing requires minimal maintenance, and it is easy to clean. 
  1. Customisable: Hi-tec fencing can fit the specific needs of a property, including height and design. 
  1. Resistant to weather: Hi-tec fencing can withstand harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, snow, and rain. 

Can Clear View fencing be cut? 

Our fences are PVC coated with razor wire for lasting protection, making it near impossible to cutwith traditional bolt or wire cutters.  V-bends provide exceptional strength and anti-vandal belts offer guaranteed security. 

What are the standard sizes of Clear View fencing? 

We offer a versatile range to choose from – allowing you find a fencing solution that best fits your unique requirements. Although the dimensions vary according to the range, the panel height of our fences range from 1.800m to 2.400 metres.

View the specific dimensions of our ranges here: 

Invest in a future of security. Contact us to get a quote to protect your property: 
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