how to choose the right size septic tank for your family

How to Choose the Right Size Septic Tank for Your Family

Buying a septic tank is a big commitment and, therefore, your decision is one that should be made with careful thought. Of one of the many key considerations you should take into account before your make your purchase, is the holding capacity of the tank that is most suitable for your family size. While there are many factors besides family size that can affect the appropriate holding capacity, such as kitchen appliances or bathroom facilities, you can follow a general guideline for how to choose the right size septic tank for your family, based on your family size. 

Choosing the right tank size is essential in managing all your household waste hygienically and effectively. If you choose a septic tank that is too small for your family needs, then you may experience issues such as blockages, overflowing and unpleasant smells. On the other hand, if it is too big, your septic tank may not be able to function as it should, since it won’t have enough wastewater flowing through it, which is needed for the right bacteria to form and help break down any solids.  

While selecting the correct size may seem complicated, we’ve put together a helpful list that is sure to get you headed in the right direction.  

A family of 2 1000-2000 litre Tank  
A family of 4 3000 litre Tank  
A family of 6 4000 litre Tank  

At Shadai, we offer 2 sizes: The 1000 litre per compartment tank and 360 litre compartment tank (these tanks can be retrofitted for increased holding capacity – we simply add extra panels on as required). For any queries you may have about our septic tanks, please feel free to contact our team. And if you are still uncertain about which septic tank size is right for you, you are welcome to ask us for some advice.  

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