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Hybrid fencing: the future of security

Your Durban suppliers of clear view Hi-Tec™ fencing:

Considering our company operates in a crime-prone province, increased security is evidently necessary. However, we noticed that existing solutions lack a certain level of effectiveness. Solutions like these usually have an unattractive design or obscure visibility, which is why our company developed an uncompromising alternative.

We manufacture and supply our very own brand of Hi-Tec fencing, with a reputation for exceptional quality that is suitable for residential, industrial, and commercial use.

Our ranges:

There are various Hi-Tec fencing options available to you, such as the Hybrid Range, the Hi-Tec Range, the Rico Range, and the Alexis Range.

For lasting protection, all our fence panels and posts are first hot dipped galvanized and then PVC coated, ensuring durability in all climates.

Our fencing ranges are adapted for the use of razor-sharp coiled wire, which is mounted using a Y-Shaped bracket that is designed to fit onto our posts. Both the coil razor and the brackets are hot dipped galvanized, and powder coated to match the fence it is mounted on.

The Y-Brackets have been further modified for the use of running electric fencing.

These further increase security but does not take away from the aesthetic of the fence.

Our Hi-Tec fencing option provides several significant benefits, but these are a few of the most notable:

Aesthetically pleasing design – complementing rather than detracting from your property with unobstructed views and an attractive mesh design.

Unique Design –  After extensive market research, Shadai has designed Hi-Tec fencing to comply with all standards and requirements, whether it be government, commercial or residential.

Many ranges to choose from – making it easy to find the most effective solution for you.

Exceptional strength – the V bends have been strategically designed to provide increased rigidity and strength.

Added security  our powder-coated spider clamps and stainless steel anti-vandal bolts and shear-off nuts provide a high level of security.

With our fencing, not only can you use it for perimeter protection, but you can also use it in the manufacturing of gates, customized to your specification. These include:

  • Driveway gates – sliding & swing
  • Pedestrian gates

Not only do we provide Hi-Tec security for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, but we also have our own concrete tank manufacturing plant, allowing us to produce top-quality tanks for a variety of applications. 

Our comprehensive, end-to-end services leave no task uncovered, saving our customers money and time by eliminating the need to outsource different work when it can all be handled in-house by the experienced professional Shadai team. 

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