Preserving the Integrity of Your Concrete Septic System

One thing is certain: no one wants the smelly situation brought on by a cracked septic system…Despite their robust nature, concrete septic tanks are susceptible to damage over time if certain factors are at play. In this blog we’ll address ways you can identify and remedy cracks (with the help of septic tank cleaning services) in either your concrete septic tank or lid.

Spotting Signs of Damage in Your Concrete Septic System

Concrete septic tanks are engineered to endure for decades; however, they can develop cracks as a result of natural calamities such as natural disasters, manufacturing imperfections, or external impacts such as the operation of heavy machinery directly above the system. To prevent the unpleasant scenario of sewage leakage, it is crucial to remain vigilant for telltale signs of a compromised septic system.

Common indicators can include the presence of sewage odours outside your home (or commercial property), unexplained damp patches, or particularly lush grass around the septic system.

At this point, if you suspect a crack in your septic tank, it is important to enlist the expertise of seasoned professionals, such as members of our team here at Shadai SA. Our skilled technicians possess the know-how to accurately diagnose any underlying issues and recommend the required repairs or replacements.

No corners are cut to ensure consistent standards are kept and to ensure the longevity of your septic tank system!

Addressing Cracks in the Tank and Lid Structure

Cracks in septic tank lids can be an issue, often stemming from the constant pressure exerted by the overlying soil. Fortunately, fixing lid cracks is a fairly straightforward process involving meticulous cleaning, thorough drying, and the application of concrete filler and adhesive.

When it comes to cracks within the septic tank itself, the course of action may vary depending on the extent of the damage. While minor hairline cracks may not necessitate immediate intervention, larger cracks lead to sewage leakage or water absorption. Our Shadai proficient technicians will meticulously cleanse and empty the tank and then diagnose whether further action is needed.

A Preventative Measure: Choosing Quality Septic Tank Infrastructure

It is important to note that concrete panelled septic tanks specifically installed by Shadai SA are of the highest quality and adhere to strict manufacturing standards. Made with 6mm steel round bars for extra support strength and cast to a minimum of 40 Mpa concrete strength, these tanks are exceptionally durable and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Ensuring an Efficient and Secure Septic System

So, should you spot the warning signs of a leaking septic tank, don’t delay in reaching out to our team for professional septic tank cleaning services ; we are here to help! Reach out via phone or email to discover how we can support you in upholding the functionality of your septic system for years to come.

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