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Secure your property with Shadai SA Hi-Tec fences

What do I need to think about when looking to fence my property?

In today’s day and age, security is a top priority for many, if not all, property owners.

Though many property owners are unsure of what to look for.

Do you opt for total security in solid concrete walls but sacrifice visibility? Or do you choose fencing that offers visibility but lacks the full safety of the former?

In a province where crime is as much a norm as morning traffic, we’ve designed a few ranges of fencing that offers you both security and visibility, ensuring you don’t make any sacrifices at all.

Hi-Tec Fencing from Shadai

Our Hi-Tec Fencing range boasts a variety of benefits that suit you, without forcing you to compromise.

  • Aesthetically-pleasing design – our designs work as a complement rather than a distraction to your property design, adding to the overall aesthetic.
  • Unique Design – Hi-Tec Fencing has been designed and created by Shadai South Africa.
  • Many ranges to choose from – our ranges allow you find a fencing solution that best fits your unique requirements.
  • Exceptional strength – V-bends provide increased rigidity and strength.
  • Excellent security – Powder coated spider clamps with stainless steel anti-vandal bolts and shear-off nuts provide increased security.

Why work with the Shadai SA team?

Apart from the myriad services we already provide, we also manufacture, supply and install our very own brand of Hi-Tec Fencing that is designed to fit your requirements both security-wise and aesthetically.

This fencing range includes galvanized/powder-coated coiled razor wire for lasting protection, V-bends that provide exceptional strength, and stainless-steel anti-vandal bolts for enhanced security. Not only do we manufacture fencing, but we also manufacture gates to fit your fencing and security needs.

From driveway gates (sliding & swing) to pedestrian gates, they’re custom-made to your specification!

Interested in our fencing services? Give us a call or drop us an email!

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