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What are the Benefits of Using a Septic Tank?

Using a septic tank is often a choice that is dictated by whether you have the appropriate municipal facilities or not (such as connection to as sewage pipes).

Since certain areas lack municipal facilities, the management of waste for these areas needs to be handled differently. This is where the choice to use a septic tank often arises.

While a system may not be chosen directly for its unique septic tank benefits, it is worth noting that if you do have to install one, it comes with many perks. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Septic Tanks are Environmentally Friendly

Because septic tanks work with soil’s natural filtering process, there is no need for wastewater to go through a waste treatment plant, where toxic chemicals (that have the potential to harm the environment) are added to it. A septic system uses healthy bacteria to break down waste and make it harmless, so that there is no possibility of environmental contamination.

Septic Tanks Can Be Used Off-Grid

As the off-grid movement has been gaining popularity over the years, people have been searching for solutions that give them the freedom and flexibility to be self-sustainable. Septic tanks, of course, provide a perfect off-grid solution since no connection to municipal sewage pipes is needed.

Septic Tanks Require Little Maintenance & Have a Long Lifespan

Of the many septic tank benefits, longevity, strength, and hassle-free maintenance are stand-out advantages. Well-made septic systems can last between 20 to 40 years with minimal maintenance needed (besides having them pumped when necessary).

At Shadai, we manufacture concrete septic tanks that undergo the most stringent quality checks, are made with 6mm steel round bars for extra support strength and which are cast to a minimum of 40 Mpa compressive strength – which is enough to withstand the weight of a 2 tonne truck!

Septic Tanks are Affordable

When compared to the installation of new pipes for a public sewage system, septic tanks are usually a much more cost-effective option (for example, in areas such as the Upper Highway and Outer West, where there are no evident municipal sewer lines). While the cost of having a septic tank installed will depend on factors such as size and location, in the long term, the cost of installation and pumping is much more affordable than that of a public sewage system. [SA2] 

If you are considering installing a septic tank system and would like advice on septic tank installation or more information on septic tank benefits, you are welcome to chat to our team. They’ll happily assist you!

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