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Shadai SA Services: More Than You’d Expect

Image of Shadai Tankers

Operating over 22 years, Shadai has undergone a long and arduous yet fulfilling journey as a South African business. Starting out in the garage, as many successful businesses surprisingly do, Shadai has gone on to continuously expand and grow into a well-established company with over 30 employees and 4 different departments, offering way more than you’d expect. Here’s a quick look at some of the Shadai SA services and products on offer to you:

Septic Products and Services

We are widely known for our septic services, of which include the design & manufacture of concrete septic tanks (to spec), the installation of septic systems (for residential, commercial, and industrial properties), and the drainage of septic waste.

But it’s not just septic waste that our tankers are able to drain. We are also equipped to empty out grease and fat tanks (from kitchens, schools etc.) as well as sand, oil & grease traps (from carwashes, garages, factory workshops etc…).

Multi-Purpose Concrete Tanks

As the only SABS-approved concrete tank manufacturers in the country, we offer our clients and customers a product of the highest quality. We do not only make tanks for septic waste, but also manufacture infiltration tanks, oil traps, grease tanks, agricultural tanks, and stormwater attenuation tanks.

Our concrete tanks are modular in design, meaning that the holding capacity can be modified by adding or removing panels (with small panel changes, the tanks can be modified to suit different applications. For example, positioning the centre panel and exit panel 160mm holes at the bottom of the tank allows for a stormwater attenuation tank, whereas positioning them at the top, allows for a mini septic tank or grease & fat tank). They also come with a 10-year guarantee, and we can install any of our tanks for you.

Hi-Tec™ Fencing

We have two warehouses dedicated to the assembly and storage of our fencing. Our Hi-Tech™ fencing is of a ‘clear-view’ style and is known as wire mesh fencing. It has been built to the highest security standards to ensure that it is anti-climb, vandal-proof, and rust proof.  

As with our tanks, we do not only put together tailored fencing solutions for you, but are also able to install the fences we supply and assemble.

Portable Toilets

As one of our newest additions to Shadai SA products and services, we have recently begun a new line of high-class, portable toilets. Far from the shaky, unstable, and unsanitary units you are used to seeing at big events (such as music concerts), our portable toilets offer a VIP experience and can be easily recognised by their blue and silver exterior.

As an offering to all our portable toilet customers, we are also able to provide drainage services.

Currently, our toilets are on special and are going at an excellent price. (Speak to our sales team for more info.)

While the above-listed Shadai SA services and products are pretty extensive, we don’t plan to stop here – watch this space for more exciting offerings! We have some interesting projects we are currently working on that we can’t wait to share with you.  

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