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Preventing Theft with Custom Municipal Covers

At Shadai, we believe in solving problems for our customers/clients through our unique products and services. This is why we put a lot of thought into research, design and development.

A Problem Unique to South African Municipalities

One way in which we have solved a unique problem, was through our custom municipal covers. In dealing with various municipalities, all over KZN, bringing them all-round septic services, we discovered a rather interesting need. Believe it or not, municipalities have a major issue with the theft of their concrete manhole lids!

As if they don’t have enough problems to deal with already, they encountered the issue of not being able retain their lids, and even if they caught individuals red-handed with their covers in hand, they could not prove it was theirs as there was no way to tell which municipality it came from. Enter Shadai SA…

A Swift and Simple Solution for Municipal Covers

After much deliberation on the matter, we came up with the idea to customise municipal covers with colourful plastic rings that have company/municipal names, and logos embossed on them. These rings have the added advantage of prolonging the lifespan of the concrete covers, as they prevent the concrete from chipping when the lids are constantly removed and inserted over time (and may be handled roughly).

To kick our idea into action, we made use of the services of a local 3D printing company to prototype something special for us.

We were extremely happy with the initial result and made the move to offer our municipal and industrial clients the option to make covers for them with colours that are aligned with each region and are unique to each region. This was a great solve to their problem as the custom colours, along with the municipal name and logo, allow you to easily identify where specific lids have been stolen from!

This simple but effective idea is testament to our company culture of always innovating and is true to our slogan: “Promote Thinking! Benefit Intelligence.”

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