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What is Septic Tank Raising and Why Should I Do it?


What is septic tank raising and why do you need it? Septic tank raising is a service we offer to customers who have purchased our Shadai SA concrete septic tanks. While it’s not absolutely necessary to do, you will never regret paying for this service as it will save you many expenses in the long run.

Although the name of this service implies lifting the level of the tank closer to the ground, this is not exactly what we do. Septic tank raising involves adding manhole rings to the top of your existing tank, so that the tank becomes accessible from ground level.

To install these, we first locate the tank (if necessary), dig it up, add the necessary rings, and place a new lid and cover to suit the new manhole rings. And don’t worry – these risers won’t be an unsightly blemish on your perfectly manicured garden or property! We can install them so that they are flush with the ground and are unnoticeable to the untrained eye. You’ll be able to care for and mow your lawn as usual.

Though risers seem like a common-sense solution, and you may wonder why they’re not added to all tanks, it’s mainly older tanks that don’t have these planned into their design.

You’ll know if you need this service if you’ve recently had to have your tank pumped and have had to pay the expense of digging it up. Installing risers saves you this cost and also saves professionals time in figuring out any septic issues you may have in future. Plus, it’s easier for them to quote accurately as they can clearly inspect the tank and see what’s going wrong.

If you are an avid DIY home and garden enthusiast, you may be tempted to dig it up yourself and install your own make-shift risers. However, we do not recommend this, as septic systems have many rules and regulations around their correct installation, and improper installation can cause you to fail any future inspections (septic systems should be inspected annually).

For expert assistance with septic tank raising, please get in touch for a quote or for any queries you may have.

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