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The Benefits of Mesh Fencing

Living in South Africa, we have become accustomed to fences being put up around the boundary lines of almost every single property – both commercial and residential. Fences are a must in this country, but with so many different types of fencing, it’s hard to know which type will suit you best. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of mesh fencing, to help you decide if its right for you.

Increased Visibility

Mesh fencing provides adequate security whilst still allowing the people on the inside of the property the ability to see through the fence for increased security. Not knowing what is happening outside the fence of your property poses a great security risk. It is a good idea to be able to see through the fence to ensure there isn’t anyone suspicious lurking around.


One of the main reasons you should consider building a fence around your property, other than for privacy purposes, is for security. A fence acts as a deterrent against crime and intruders on your property. Fences that are difficult to climb can deter burglars. If you live in a bushy area with a lot of wildlife, a fence can also protect you from wild animals crossing your property boundary, which could be dangerous to you, your children, or pets. Shadai’s Hi-Tec fencing range is incredibly secure. It is designed with special V bends (to provide increased rigidity and strength), as well as PVC panels, powder coated spider clamps, stainless steel anti-vandal bolts and shear-off nuts for extra security.

Provides Clear Boundary Lines

A fence provides a clear boundary line and marks out where your property begins and ends. A fence gives you an excellent visual reference, particularly if you want to renovate or landscape your property.

Increases the Value of your Property

Mesh fencing has become extremely popular both for its aesthetic appeal and strength and durability. Decently erected fences made from good quality materials may even increase the value of your property, making it easier to rent or sell.

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As clear view fencing suppliers in Durban, Shadai South Africa (Pty) Ltd offer their very own brand of Hi-Tec fencing, which is suitable for residential, industrial and commercial use.

Hi-Tec fencing is an attractive and secure security solution that has both an aesthetically pleasing and unique design. With numerous ranges to choose from, you will be able to find a fencing solution that best fits your unique requirements. Hi-Tec fencing is renowned for its exceptional strength, and excellent security. View all our fencing ranges here, or chat to the specialists at Shadai to discuss the best options for fencing your property.

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