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What Makes Shadai SA Infiltration Tanks Superior?

When you’re looking to handle those inconvenient property problems, such as unplanned garden ‘pools’ or landslides, you may turn to the use of a French drain, however, the preferred option would be an infiltration tank. This effective system is often installed in homes or businesses to help collect, drain and direct water in an area that won’t cause any serious damage.

At Shadai, we manufacture our own special concrete Infiltration Tanks to help homes and businesses manage their water woes. And when we say ‘special’, we mean it – we’ve been designing and manufacturing our brand of Infiltration Tanks for years and have refined them to a level where they come out on top when compared with other concrete tanks of their kind.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider choosing our carefully crafted tanks:

1.They come with a 10-year guarantee

We don’t just have blind confidence in our product, we have the guarantee to back it!

2.They have a unique design

Our Infiltration Tanks are made with angled holes, which improve the continual outward drainage of grey water.

3.They’re made with your convenience in mind

In cases where you need to increase the holding capacity of your drain, you can easily do so because our tanks are designed in a modular way, allowing you to add on and remove concrete panels as necessary.

4.They’re super strong

The strength of our tanks is hard to beat. Each panel has been tested against industrial concrete standards to maintain a minimum of 40 Mpa compressive strength – which basically means that they’re strong enough to take the weight of a 1 tonne truck!

5.They’re Built to last

Our tanks go through the strictest quality control to ensure that they last a lifetime. We use wire mesh reinforcing as well as a unique blend of additives to enhance the curing of tanks and make them extremely durable. The production process is fully ISO 9001 compliant, so you know you’re buying a quality product when you choose a Shadai SA Infiltration Tank.

If you’d like to find out more about this product of ours, please download our brochure or speak to us about your unique water management needs and how our tanks can meet them (call us on 031 943 3000 or email us at

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